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Explore our range of certified organic and homemade products.

Homemade in our kitchen

We picked our costumers’ favorites and transformed them into take away goods. Breads, crackers, dressings and much more. Come to our locals in Palermo and Belgrano and find out everything you need for an intelligent nutrition experience.

Homemade products by Buenos Aires Verde

From certified organic or agroecological farmers

We selected a group of farmers and producers from around the country to provide you with environmentally responsible and agro-toxic free products.

If you want your product to form part of our market write to us at

Products from organic or agroecological producers

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Manifiesto Buenos Aires Verde

Buenos Aires Verde fomenta un estilo de vida compartido, una visión individual que se expande hacia lo colectivo. La consciencia de reconocer y valorar el origen real de las cosas. Posee un gran sentimiento de lo justo y aboga por conservar y difundir los valores de su entorno. Concibe la alimentación como vida y toma el concepto de nutrirse como valor fundamental. Aunque la emoción no pierda peso frente al intelecto, Buenos Aires Verde cree en un disfrute inteligente, medido y cuidado. Su etapa de madurez ha traído el desarrollo interno y la aceptación sobre su visión de la vida, la mirada del otro ya no es determinante y coloca su elección en primer lugar.

Buenos Aires Verde es la búsqueda de lo real, un pensamiento profundo y circular, es el perfeccionamiento a través de una mirada contemporánea, metódica, pasional y de disfrute.

Buenos Aires Verde Manisfesto

Buenos Aires Verde encourages a shared lifestyle, an individual vision that expands into the collective. The conscience to recognize and appreciate the authentic origin of things. Possesses a great sense of what is just and advocates for preserving and conveying the ideals of its upbringing. Conceives nutrition as life itself and takes the concept of nourishment as a fundamental value. Even though emotion does not lose its weight against intellect, Buenos Aires Verde believes in an intelligent, measured and carefully minded enjoyment. It´s maturity has brought forth inner growth and acceptance of its life vision, others views cease to be decisive and its own convictions are esteemed.

Buenos Aires Verde is the pursuit for what is real, a deep and circular thought, it is the strive for perfection through a contemporary, methodical, passionate and joyful perspective.